The Tikiwaka.com image library, specialized in New Caledonia,
is designed for publishing and communication professionals, for businesses and institutions requiring local photographs to illustrate various themes such as landscapes, culture, society, environment, tourism...

This site is an initiative of photographer Sébastien Mérion with the aim of offering easy access to his rich archives of thousands of pictures of New Caledonia and allow the media and creatives to find local images that are not available elsewhere in international image libraries.

The creation of this photo library is a very long process, in terms of both ground work and photo management: setting accurate captions for each image, assigning keywords, making post-production adjustments, uploading, managing publishing rights for people and places.

A lot of passion and energy were put into this process, the goal of which is to distribute and promote the best-possible image of our beautiful country, New Caledonia, through its people and their multi-ethnic cultures, its extraordinary landscapes, its diversity of plant and animal life...
Stock photography
The images presented on this site are offered under a Rights-Managed license (RM), which is a traditional license, defining the image usage restrictions, on a case by case basis, depending on the customers' needs. The copyright purchase prices are thus calculated depending on the image usage requirements. The advantage of rights-management is the ability to communicate the current or past usage history of the image to the client. That way it can be sold exclusively for a business sector, a territory or a particular medium. Estimates and information are provided upon request.

> Image downloading
It is possible to download low-resolution "comp" images for free to create your designs. For that, you simply need to identify yourself by creating an account with your email address and a password. Once you have finished your designs, you need to purchase the usage rights of the images and then you can download the  high-resolution files, directly from our website or by contacting us.

> Using Lightboxes
The Lightbox is a tool that permits you to put aside images that interest you in order to view or purchase them at a later date. It also permits you to offer and share your image collection with a client or partner by sending them an email invitation; and all of this directly from our site.
Image research
As all of our images are not yet available on our website,  do not hesitate to send us your image requirements if you can not find a particular topic. We will create a selection of images for you from our most recent archives and will send you the details by email as soon as possible.
Photographic requests
We are always at your service for executing and organizing photo shoots on request, for creating your editorial or news-related photo reports, advertising images, aerial photos, portraits, events coverage and so on...
Contact Sébastien Mérion by email.
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